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July 09, 2020

Lewis: Reinstate Munich Games 400m medallists Matthews, Collett

Caribbean National Olympic Committees (CANOC) president Brian Lewis is calling for the rescinding of a…
July 07, 2020

A sports-base approach is needed to help the youth

Last week, Trinidad and Tobago faced its own Black Lives Matter (BLM) day of reckoning.…
July 07, 2020

CANOC President calls for IOC to rescind life bans issued to athletes 48 years after…

Caribbean National Olympic Committees (CANOC) President Brian Lewis has called for the International Olympic Committee…
July 04, 2020

Matthews and Collett Banned From Olympics

MUNICH, West Germany, Sept. 8 — The International Olympic Committee barred today two United States…
July 04, 2020

Vincent Matthews and Wayne Collett: A Most Casual Protest With Most Striking Consequences

They stood there casually, one barefoot, hands on hips, the other in thoughtful repose, right…
July 04, 2020

Athletes Will Be Banned From Protesting at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But the Games Have…

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced new guidelines on Thursday that ban athletes from making…
July 04, 2020


The IOC stands for non-discrimination as one of the founding pillars of the Olympic Movement,…

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Team Elite Suits Up for Friday Afternoon Time Trial in San Diego https://t.co/0AUQ471VQK via @swimswamnews
About 7 hours ago
TeamTTO Transformational Leadership Webinar Pt. 3 with the lecturer Sport Management, UTT Mr. Stacey Cateau ▶️… https://t.co/MKYVbDMBEA
About 15 hours ago
Lewis: Reinstate Munich Games 400m medallists Matthews, Collett https://t.co/XPaRfGugLX
About 16 hours ago
A sports-base approach is needed to help the youth https://t.co/jPhFCNcTH0
Wednesday, 08 July 2020 19:07

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There are individuals who are manipulative, dishonest and disingenuous and who appear to believe in concepts such as good governance, accountability and equity, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

These individuals are impediments in the way of progress as sports in T&T is facing a difficult time not only because of economic and financial issues.

Unless, there is a significant mindset, attitude and culture shift, the light at the end of the tunnel will remain far away because too much time has to be spent managing egos rather than managing performance.

We must ask ourselves a few questions such as: How do we produce the best results possible? How do we help people achieve their goals and reach their full potential in their sport? How do we optimise the performances of our athletes, coaches administrators? The T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) and The T&T Commonwealth Games Association (TTCGA) at this time in its history are athlete-centred and focused organisations. Serving in a support role is the centre—of our mindset and attitude—our objective is to add value to the athletes, coaches and affiliated sport organisations.

We strive daily to improve our effectiveness and efficiency as we move from vision to achievement.

It is of immense frustration to face the reality that—regardless of what people preach—in the end they are only interested in following the money and having access to that money.

Corruption, waste and malfeasance have had a devastating negative impact on sport in T&T.

Now that the country is facing its darkest economic and financial circumstances in decades.

While those who have benefited from the corruption and waste seek to hide in the shadows to continue to siphon money away from productive and progressive programmes and initiatives.

If we don’t have the money to do certain things at this point in time or at any point for a matter of fact. Let’s speak the truth and stop turning T&T into a fool’s paradise.


Brian Lewis is the President of the TTOC and TTCGA. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the TTOC or TTCGA.