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About 24 hours ago
Congratulations Colin Ramasra on your Gold medal at the 2019 Malta Squash Masters 🙏🏽 🇹🇹 Spots TeamTTO Squash
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 14:47
Mohammed is CAZOVA boss again
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 11:08
Harford: Lamy did a masterful job
Tuesday, 12 November 2019 12:12

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The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee(TTOC) vision is for two Trinidad and Tobago team sports to qualifying for the Olympic Games by the year 2024.

To date no Trinidad and Tobago national team has ever qualified for a Summer Olympic Games.

The TTOC intends to convince  national sport organizations (NSOs) responsible for team sports to include Olympic qualification as a critical aspect of their (NSOs) long term strategic and development  plan.

A sport on the TTOC's Olympic qualification radar is football.

The TTOC believes that a serious effort by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association(TTFA)  to qualify a national football team for the Olympic Games  can only benefit  T&T football .

In respect of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games three national team sports in contention for possible Olympic qualification are football, hockey and rugby 7s.

Photo caption: TTOC President Brian Lewis and Hazel Mootoo, Human Resource Manager Deloitte Touche  (T&T) at a recent #10golds24 cheque presentation